How to Prepare for an Exterior Painting Project

Proper Preparation Is Key

Exterior painting is an assignment that should be taken seriously. If you don’t deal with this properly, you will end up wasting time and money. However, there are a few activities that you will want to do before you start painting your house or business space. Read below:

Clean the Area

It’s important to clean the area before you start painting. You may think you’re ready to paint, but there’s a chance that you’ll overlook something. For example, if your house is covered in cobwebs and dust, it could cause you to hesitate to start the project. It can also be dangerous for you to paint on a surface covered in dust.

Prepare the Surface

You will also want to take some time to prepare the surface. This includes cleaning the walls and removing any dirt or debris from the wall. If there are any stains on the surfaces, you will also want to remove them before you start working.

Scrape Old Paint

If the surface has been painted in the past, you will want to remove the old paint first. Use a paint Remover Crayon to get rid of any old paint. This will ensure that the new paint will stick to the surface and not have any problems.

Protect Doors and Windows

If the house has large glass windows or doors, you should protect them from any paint drips. So, tape up the windows or put up painter’s tape to cover the windows. Even if you cover them up, make sure that you don’t paint the windows until you are done with the rest of the project.

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